Meet Us

Pure Nature Pasture New Zealand Limited is a professional marble beef and veal producer. With pollution-free environment and advanced technology, we are producing high quality marble beef and veal to satisfy the growing market.


High Quality

Pollution-free and pure environment, sufficient cattle resource, high standard quality control, transparent information system, professional specialisation and staff with strong work ethic. These are the reasons why our marble beef and veal production is based in New Zealand. Only in this way can we make sure to produce truly safe, high quality and consistent products, maintain the long-term relationship with our clients and supply to the world continuously.


Research and Development

We focus on research and development at PNP. Massive time and money have been invested in research projects about genetic, animal nutrition, farming methods and biological technology. We aim to find solutions for the existing challenges and add more value to our products. We believe research and innovation is our key competitive advantage.


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce quality marble beef and veal and supply to the world. We are focused, professional, integrated and willing to share. Our solid foundation enables us to develop further and take the responsibility of a future leading marble beef and veal producer.


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