PNP Veal

For Family, For Children.



PNP Veal is produced from 6-8 months old milk-fed Holstein bull calves. It is a high-end meat product rich in nutritional value. Our Veal is fine in texture, pink in colour and tender in taste, and it is distinctly different from normal beef when people see and eat. Veal has high reputation in Europe and is loved by local high-end consumers. The history of veal can go back to third century BC, which Alexander the Great adored veal because of his critical nature in food.


Our Veal is high in protein, micro-elements, vitamin B and low in fat, and it is easy to digest. Protein content of beef is high among various food, and protein in veal is even 30% more than normal beef. Protein is vital for maintaining hormone, enzyme and immune system normal. The abundant micro-elements and vitamin B in veal are also important for body growth and health, e.g. zinc can promote skeletal development and prevent rarefaction of bone. 100g veal contains less than 2g fat, and low fat content can prevent diseases caused by getting fat. The average fibre diameter of shine's veal is around 40 mu, therefore it is more tender and easier for digestion.【Note: All data come from third party test result】

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The high nutritional value characteristic of PNP Veal determines that it is suitable for people who need to grow and repair their body. These people include children, aged people, pregnant women and sub-health people. Among all, particularly children need the nutrient elements in veal during their growth, therefore our Veal is the meat product designed for children.


Our Veal rearing system based on Dutch special calves milk powder is the key of the amazing quality of our Veal. We created our own veal rearing system through localising and innovating based on the rearing technology and management experience acquired from the Dutch veal company, VanDrie Group. It adopts circular agriculture mode by jointly using calve rearing technology, microbial fermentation technology and solar energy technology. This is an intensive, efficiency, green and sustainable developing rearing system.

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